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My phoenix was released November 4, 2013.
Now it's time to fly.

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You’re surviving and I’m proud of you.

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Anonymous asked: What's an important thing to remember in relationships?


That sometimes you have to change yourself.

I know, I know, but hear me out — I’ve had so many friends struggle in the dating scene because the people they dated didn’t like certain things they said and did, but instead of compromising they just said, “This is who I am and if they can’t accept it, too bad!”

But the truth is, our personalities are a fluid thing and people can learn and grow and yes, become better versions of themselves. So if your partner tells you that your sassy comments hurt their feelings or complains that you never say thank you or something like that, actually listen to them instead of just being all, “THIS IS WHO I AAAAAAM.”

Also, cook them something every once in awhile for no reason because there’s no better way to earn bonus points.